Reemo – The Wrist Motion Remote

Reemo – The Wrist Motion Remote

If pushing buttons is too much effort for you, Playtabase has the perfect solution – Reemo, the wrist motion remote.

Seriously though, this is actually pretty cool – if you’ve ever wanted to pretend as though you have jedi powers, the Reemo, “a wrist worn mouse to control your world” is possibly the answer.

A wearable device that sits on your wrist, Reemo using proximity and motion sensing devices (such as an acceleromater to detect your gestures and translate them into commands for your home automation devices.

Reemo claims to be open to all kinds of systems. Any open smart home system can accept commands from the wearable device. It’s Windows and Mac compatible for use as a mouse whilst it also works with traditionally ‘dumb’ electronic items such as lamps, fans and coffee machines. With continuing work on an API, you can expect new manufacturers to create deep integrations with Reemo for extended functionality.

What we have here is a potentially divisive product in the model of google glass. Where google glass spawned the word “glassholes” to refer to people who looked a bit silly viewing notifications and playing with their glasses the whole time, Reemo users run the risk of doing the same. Its definitely a very cool idea, to be able to wave your hand and have electronics respond as if by magic. Wouldn’t you get a bit self-conscious doing that in a public setting though? For me, it feels a bit gimmicky for every day use.

Possibly the most interesting potential applications of the Reemo Remote however, is for the disabled or impaired. Those who struggle with mobility, particularly in their own home – could stand to gain extra independence by removing their reliability on having to move around their home to engage with the devices that aid their daily function.