Noke Bluetooth Padlock is the world first ‘shareable’ padlock

Noke Bluetooth Padlock is the world first ‘shareable’ padlock

The Noke Bluetooth Padlock by FUZ Designs is the latest smart device for those looking to keep their personal items secure. Short for “No Key”, the Noke uses Bluetooth connectivity and an app on your smart phone to open and close the lock.

Unlike other smart locks on the market such as the August Smart Lock or the Lock8, the Noke claims to be the world’s first Bluetooth padlock that you can share. Its portability means it can be used as a multipurpose, keyless padlock to secure anything such as your shed, your locker or even your bike.

The Noke simply requires that an authorized smartphone be within 10 feet of the lock to release with a simple click-down movement on the shackle. There is no need to remove your phone from your pocket to unlock the Noke. Once you are in range, the bluetooth detects the phone’s signature and allows you to simply click the lock to unlock it. Additionally, if your phone is dead or you have lost your phone, you can still unlock the Noke using the ‘QuickClick’ system. This is a special combination of clicks and delays on the lock that you can customise.

Access to each lock can also be shared with other users and this access can be granted permanently, for single use, or for a custom configuration.

The concept for the Noke was successfully funded on Kickstarter last month with over $600,000 being pledged towards the project. The designers at FUZ Designs initially asked for $100,000 to go into production.

The product is water-resistant and does away with the need to carry any keys. The padlock features a battery-management system. The technology will work with a Noke app that’s designed for both iOS and Android devices. Gadgets that support Bluetooth 4.0 will integrate with the system. This includes popular products such as the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

As with any smart security device using Bluetooth, the Noke could be a target for hackers. FUZ Designs co-founder, Cameron Gibbs told Venture Beat that the company has security as one of their highest priorities. “Nothing is ever going to be 100 percent bullet-proof,” said Gibbs. “We’re going to make it as secure as possible.”

The Noke does claim to use “the latest in anti-shim technology so you need not worry about thieves trying to use a shim to open your lock.”

noke padlock bluetooth app

The Noke system has been designed with simplicity in mind. Once users have downloaded the product’s app, Noke finds and pairs to a nearby smartphone that is bluetooth enabled. Buyers can choose to name their Noke, and even assign a photo to it if they want to.

Noke Bluetooth Padlock Specs

The Noke bluetooth padlock is due to be released in February 2015. The Kickstarter campaign has now finished, but interested buyers can pre-order the product on the designer’s website. Go to to pre-order the padlock. Pricing is USD $59.99 for one padlock, or $54.99 each for purchases of two padlocks.

  • Approximate dimensions of Noke: 83mm long x 55mm wide x 31mm deep.
  • Approximate weight of Noke: 225g.
  • Noke has a long-lasting battery that will last at least one year with normal use. No tools are needed. Owners simply need to unlock their Noke padlock and twist off the back cover to access the product’s battery.
  • Noke is water resistant, and features four silicone gaskets to keep moisture out.
  • The Noke Padlock features patent-pending Quick-Click technology.
  • Noke is made from hardened steel and boron.
  • Noke comes in two colours: grey or black.
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