GOkey gives your phone the charge it needs on the go

GOkey gives your phone the charge it needs on the go

Every smart phone addict shares a common problem – a dead battery. Whether it’s that long phone call, that 2-hour mobile gaming session or that YouTube channel you can’t stop watching, we all have a little pleasure that sucks the battery juice right out of our mobile phone. And, why is it that you always seem to be a million miles from a phone charger when the red light begins to blink?

If only you could top-up the battery while you are on the go. Well, that’s where the team at GOkey step in. Their portable mobile charging device simply slips onto your keychain and allows you to charge your phone for up to two hours. In addition to the charger, GOkey also has a three other functionalities – data storage, a Bluetooth locator and an app that lets you control your phone’s camera, music and calls.

What is GOkey?

GOkey is a small, portable gadget that solves nearly all phone related first-world problems.


The 400mAh battery has enough charge to keep an iPhone 5s going for two hours and can double up as a USB cable if you need to give your phone a full-charge. If connected to a laptop or a wall charger, GOkey will also charge itself while it charges the phone. When on the go, just shake the device three times to check how much charge is left in the battery.

USB memory

GOkey also contains a choice of 8, 16 or 32GB of flash memory and with a laptop connection, it can sync the data between the two devices just like a regular USB charger cable. The built-in syncing cables are compatible with both the Apple iPhone 5 and Android devices.

Bluetooth key locator

For those who regularly put their phone down and can’t remember where it is, all it takes is a quick push of the button on the GOkey and your phone rings. On the flipside, if you lose your keys, the GOkey app can alert you where they are, assuming your keys are within range of 100ft.

Phone remote

In addition, the GOkey remote button can be used along with the GOkey app to perform simple tasks on your phone, such as snapping the perfect selfie without your arm in the foreground, skipping to the next song or answering a phone call.

Apart from bringing your morning coffee, there isn’t much this device can’t do. Current prices are as follows and are all in USD dollars. You’ll also need to allow for $10USD for international shipping to Australia.

8GB GOkey – $69USD
16GB GOkey- $79USD
32GB GOkey- $89USD

When you factor in the cost of buying all of the devices separately, there are definite benefits to owning GOkey. If this all sounds exciting, you are not alone. With an original goal of $40,000 the Indiegogo campaign managed to raise over $1 million in a few weeks.

Gokey take picture

GOkey Specs:

Possibly one of the most exciting products to be coming onto the market, shipping is estimated to begin sometime in January, 2015.

  • 128 bit encryption and password compatible ensuring secure data storage
  • Uses USB 3.0 with lightning or Micro USB syncing cable
  • Compatible with a lightning to 30pin adapter for iPhone 4S
  • Made with durable metallic enclosure and high quality plastic.
  • Battery life of around 6 weeks if unused
  • Splash-proof