Estimote Nearables – Location Based Stickers for The Home or The Office

Estimote Nearables – Location Based Stickers for The Home or The Office

Estimote Nearables are a convenient and durable solution for problems around location and movement. By sticking them to the surface of an object, either at home, in your office or anywhere else in the outside world, you can track any interactions with that object. The video below offers a clear explanation:

One of the strengths of the product is it’s versatility – as you can see, the Nearables (a play on the word wearables)can be stuck to pretty much any surface and detect movement, location and temperature. Another massive upside is that they offer you the option to tie into any open networks – meaning you can leverage home automation solutions such as nest or homekit, or on a smaller scale – your smartphone’s bluetooth connection.

The applications for these little sticker beacons are as broad as your imagination – in the video there are examples such as using your phone’s bluetooth connection to detect proximity to the Nearable resulting in an alert for a forgotten item, or triggering an alarm clock.

There is also an accelerometer that can be leveraged to detect when a device is moved – potentially in a retail outlet, but the smarthome applications might include the ability to detect when your child is moving something around the house that perhaps they ought not to be.

At Domobot, we like simple products with powerful utility and Estimote’s nearables seem to fall squarely into that category. There is of course the dependency on a bit of technology know-how, or a 3rd party to help you to implement any potential solution. If you can overcome that hurdle, you can buy these Nearables relatively cheaply – currently $99 USD for 10 of them, available here. We’ve already ordered us and will be blogging on here as we make progress on developing some useful applications for the Nearables.