Coin – 1 Card For All Your Credit Cards

Coin – 1 Card For All Your Credit Cards

Coin has set out its mission statement: “Use 1 coin for all of your cards”.

1 Coin For All of Your Cards

Coin aims to single handedly lighten and shrink your wallet by plugging all of your existing cards into one manageable gadget. If you’ve ever seen the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza gets a sore back from carrying a large wallet, you’ll already appreciate the value of such an idea. Frankly if you’ve ever had a wallet or purse yourself (and you probably have), the bane of carrying around such a large appendage won’t be foreign to you.

Coin’s Form and Function

So how has Coin solved the problem? By focusing on form and function, a simple product that’s easy to use.

Using a handy smartphone extension – much like Square’s payment system, you can attach a card scanner to your smartphone via an audio jack. With that done, you can then use your phone as an interface for scanning in the cards that you would like Coin to manage. Once that’s done you’re good to go. You can continue to manage your Coin & other cards on your phone. You can also manager actual transactions via a small display on the Coin itself when you come to make a payment.

Coin have produced a video to explain how it all works:

Form and Function of Coin

The most striking things about Coin are its form and function. The simplicity with which a user can setup and integrate all of their cards into 1 device, stands out in a marketplace where such robust solutions can often be onerous and laborious. A by-product of this is its form. The Coin is elegantly designed using paper-thin circuitry to deliver a solution that looks and feels like a normal credit card, with the well thought out digitial display that resides in the corner. Additionally, a delicately designed button to execute the most important and frequent functions, sits to the side of the unit.

Coin credit card consolidator

The anticipation is that, we will start to see additional functionality post-launch. The warning alert that signals on your phone when you walk away from your Coin, is likely just the start.

Features of Coin

  • Combines all credit cards into one
  • Lasts 2 years
  • Alerts a customer when they leave the card behind
  • Paper thin circuitry for a light solution
  • Smartphone integration
  • Beautiful Form