bttn – Control all your devices with 1 button

bttn – Control all your devices with 1 button

Meet bttn. The self-proclaimed “simplest user interface in the world”. You can either push it or not, its that simple.

But what does it do? Thats the cool thing – pretty much anything. If this all sounds a little bit vague and fanciful, then allow me to explain.

bttn is a wireless switch that sits wherever you want it to. Using a simple interface at you can program your bttn to undertake a given action when it gets pushed.

What services does bttn connect to?

bttn connects to a number of standard online protocols – http & rss. More importantly for the less tech savvy, it connects to a number of your existing services inlcuding twitter, facebook, ifttt, zapier, smartthings, email or even SMS. Just push the button and a pre-defined interaction will occur with any of the above services (and more if you want to start playing around with it.

What can bttn be used for?

There are plenty applications for button that you may wish to consider. How about a button that your child can push when they get home – it sends you an SMS so you know they’re safe. Conversely, you can set bttn to trigger notifications after inactivity – so if your elderly relative doesn’t push it for a while, you can get an alert. Beyond SMS, you can use some of the other services such as smartthings, the home automation solution – perhaps you push a button before you leave work that tells smartthings to prepare the temperature, lights and music in your home for when you return.

You could even use it for twitter – how about sending a pre-defined tweet to your followers on demand at the push of the bttn?

Why should i buy bttn?

In a world of gadgets that are becoming increasingly complex, sometimes we need to hone in our technology and create devices that get to the core of a problem. Bttn does that and in some ways, forces you to devote a button purely to the most important tasks in your life. Personally I love the combination of simplicity and design – its a must-have in our household.

bttn Features

  • Connects via wi-fi or micro-sim
  • Runs for one year with AA batteries
  • Gives feedback via lights and sounds
  • Connects to multiple services online and mobile
  • ‘Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple’ – Woody Guthrie