Home Automation Gets Creative with the Interactive Cloud Lamp

cloud speaker lamp

The Cloud lamp and speaker system is a cool new home automation accessory by artist, Richard Clarkson. Designed to recreate a thunderstorm in your bedroom, the Cloud uses motion sensors, speakers and theatrical colour changing LED lights to build a powerful ambiance of a heavy storm for you to sleep, work or play too. Powered by remote control, this interactive ... Read More »

Introducing Amazon’s connected speaker – Echo

amazon echo

Online shopping behemoth, Amazon, is making its own surge into the home automation market with its new connected smart speaker for the home – The Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is a tuned, voice-activated speaker that begins to work whenever it detects its “wake” word. This word, default “Alexa”, but can be customized to whatever you want, will perform task ... Read More »

Om/One Levitating Speaker: The world’s first floating music player

Om one

Every once in a while, a home automation product comes onto the market that just wows it’s audience. For the speaker, it is the Om/One – the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker. Designed by a team of industrial designers and audio engineers, the Om/One levitating speaker not only sounds great, but is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing speakers ... Read More »

GOkey gives your phone the charge it needs on the go

Gokey devices

Every smart phone addict shares a common problem – a dead battery. Whether it’s that long phone call, that 2-hour mobile gaming session or that YouTube channel you can’t stop watching, we all have a little pleasure that sucks the battery juice right out of our mobile phone. And, why is it that you always seem to be a million ... Read More »

Manage your household with OCHO Pad Smart Key Tray

Ocho Pad

If you’re someone who scrambles to find your keys of a morning, or feel anxious about children arriving home safely at night, you’re sure to be impressed by the OCHO Pad Smart Key Tray. The OCHO Pad is a smart key tray that can help keep track of the movement of everyday items. It’s the IFTT (IF This Then That) ... Read More »

Amazon Dash – Automate your Shopping

amazon dash

Amazon Dash is the solution that every lazy or reluctant shopper has been looking for. At domobot we come across all sorts of automation solutions – gadgets that will either ease or optimise regular tasks that can often be inefficient. Amazon Dash potentially gives the greatest return on investment for automating weekly labour! Describing itself as “shopping made simple”, Amazon ... Read More »

Could Plugaway be the smartest power plug ever made?

smartaway plug

Demonstrating that even the humble power plug can receive a ‘smart’ make-over, Beijing-based start-up company, Plugaway, have invented perhaps the smartest power plug ever made. Letting you wirelessly control your all of your existing home automation devices via your smart phone, the Plugaway Wi-Fi connected Smart Plugs and associated LED bulbs are a leap forward in mobile-controlled home automation. How ... Read More »

bttn – Control all your devices with 1 button


Meet bttn. The self-proclaimed “simplest user interface in the world”. You can either push it or not, its that simple. But what does it do? Thats the cool thing – pretty much anything. If this all sounds a little bit vague and fanciful, then allow me to explain. bttn is a wireless switch that sits wherever you want it to. ... Read More »