Windoro is a Window Cleaning Robot

Windoro is a Window Cleaning Robot

Do you adore your robotic vacuum cleaner, but wish there was a similar product that could take care of the window cleaning too? Well, that time has arrived. The world’s first commercialised window-cleaning robot has been launched by Iishim Global, a company based in South Korea.

MyWindoro has been designed to clean windows not only in and around homes, but also for office windows, showcases, or any other type of large glass surface like the Winbot 7. It is particularly useful when it comes time to clean difficult spots like bay windows, sunrooms or very large windows and works on any pane of glass that has a thickness ranging between 16mm and 28mm.

How does it attach to the window?

Creatively, the Windoro holds itself in place with the help of magnets. Using both sides of the window, two separate magnetic modules ensure the Windoro is gripped firmly to the glass. It will remain attached to the glass whether the device is on or off.


When a pane of glass has been cleaned, the Windoro will “beep” an alert before returning to the initial spot of its attachment to the glass, and will remain securely in place.

Any dirt caught by the Windoro remains trapped in its microfibre pads and users only need to remove the pads and wash them to clean the machine. After that, users simply need to swap the two modules of the machine over so that the second side of the window can have its turn at getting squeaky clean.

How is Windoro operated?

The Windoro can be operated by both remote control or on the unit directly.

Users can use the remote to start, pause or stop the machine, as well as order the cleaner back to its initial position. Other functions include controlling the cleaning speed and how much liquid is dispensed.

The clever device was designed in conjunction with researchers at the Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence, and was first demonstrated at IFA (a leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, held in Berlin). Since then the product has been tested and improved, and now boasts an even more innovative design that looks set to wow consumers of domestic robots around the world.

Windoro Specs

At this point in time, the Windoro can be purchased for around $650USD from selected websites such as eBay and Amazon.

  • Product colours currently available: red or silver
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Moving speed: 8cm per second
  • Voltage: Less than 25W
  • Charging time: Approximately 150mins
  • Usage time: Approximately 120mins
  • Noise: Less than 60dB