Neato Domestic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Signature Black
Neato XV Signature Pro robot vacuum

Neato Domestic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Signature Black

The Neato XV Signature Vacuum Cleaner comes in at a slighter higher spec and price point than the Kogan Robot Vacuum Cleaner but is an impressive bit of kit (if you like that sort of thing). Its another in a long line of “set and forget” vacuums that you can just leave to its own devices (excuse the second pun) while you get on with your day. When you come home, hey presto, the floor of the house as been cleaned.

Unlike a lot of other Domestic Robot Vacuums, the Neato Signature Pro doesn’t wonder around your abode bumping into furniture, feeling its away around and draining battery. This vacuum cleaner has a Room Positioning System (RPS) – a laser based technology that it uses to map the most effective path for cleaning, allowing for furniture, walls, doorways and any other obstacles that may stand in its path. This saves energy, but also means its pretty damn cool.

Check out the laser guided system after 1 minute:

Advantages of the Neato XV Signature Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Neato claims to have the most powerful suction of all the automatic vacuum cleaners on the market – its special filter is three times more effective than its competitors and there are special pet and allergy filters that can be attached for those who think the place needs a really good clean.

  • Clever vacuum technology – The Neato has a centrifugal compression impeller that is built on the principles of jet engines, creating some serious suction.
  • Keep you house scuff-free – With its laser guided navigation, it will never damage your walls and furniture
  • Always powered – The robot self-docks when it has completed its work, meaning its always powered when required
  • Cleaning scheduler – Set the time and day that you want your Neato to vacuum – you’re house is always clean but you’re never disturbed
  • Smart Design – Thanks to a “D-shape” front, it can clean corners better than its competitors
  • Low Profile – Its low profile allows it to clean under beds, sofas and other low furniture.

  • Neato XV Signature Robot Vacuum Cleaner Verdict

    You had me at “laser-guided”.