Miele unveils their new robot vacuum cleaner – the Scout RX1

Miele unveils their new robot vacuum cleaner – the Scout RX1

German-based appliance company, Miele, have built a solid reputation for creating seamless products grounded in quality design and style; but does the new Scout RX1 robotic vacuum cleaner live up to this reputation?

With clean lines and some of the most progressive technology seen in a robotic vacuum cleaner, the Scout RX1 is set to be a solid competitor amongst the other robotic vacuums available on the home automation market.

miele scout rx1 floor

On the surface the Miele Scout RX1 looks like most robot vacuums which have hit the market within recent years. It contains the large rubbery wheels, similar to the iRobot Roomba and the Neato.

It is how the Miele is packaged that separates the Scout RX1 from its rivals. Equipped with seven infrared sensors, a digital camera and gyroscope, the Scout RX1 has all the bells and whistles to justify its $900USD price tag. The company claims that the Scout cleans floors “track by track” and uses its digital eye to avoid collisions. In addition, it senses when its running low on battery and will automatically return to its docking station to recharge.

The Miele also has a second rotary side brush while most robot vacuum cleaners on the market have one.

Compared to the Dyson 360 Eye

Its entry price means that the unit will need to deliver on all of its promises to pique buyers’ interest. Miele will need to ensure their vacuum is up to scratch, especially against market leader Dyson who have just released their version of the robot vacuum the ‘Dyson 360 Eye’ which is set to retail at over $1000AUD.

The Scout RX1 uses a 180° scanning technology to avoid collisions or falling down stairs, whereas the Dyson takes pictures using its 360° revolving camera and builds a picture of the space to be cleaned.

miele scout rx1

In addition, the Scout RX1 is advertised as having a 2 hour run time when fully charged and aims to deliver over 300 cycles without a decline in battery life.

Miele Scout RX1 Specs

Out of the box, you’ll get the vacuum cleaner itself along with a remote control which will allow you to program in one of its four cleaning modes. You can also schedule the vacuum to operate on a timer, ensuring that you won’t trip over it when you get home from work. Easy to set up and operate, the Scout RX1 means that you simply press a button and the vacuum does the hard work for you.

  • 8.9cm height, 2.9kg net weight
  • Comes equipped with seven infrared sensors, digital camera and gyroscope
  • Uses built in cleaning algorithms to ensure consistent cleaning
  • Ability to sense when the battery is running low, then return to the exact spot it was cleaning after charging.

  • Price: - US
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