Grillbot – The BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot

Grillbot – The BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot

Grillbot is a robot that will clean your BBQ grill – its that simple that I’m not sure I should even continue.

Sometimes at Domobot we feel like we’re competing to find the laziest gadgets out on the market, and of all the domestic robots that we’ve reviewed so far – this may just be the winner.

The Grillbot is simple… just attach the brushes to the bottom and put it onto your grill. You can set a timer for 10, 20 or 30 minutes and leave the Grillbot to clean away the grime from the grates on your grill – just remember that your grill needs to be closed or have a high lip to stop the Grillbot from flying off the edge. If that doesn’t sell it to you, then their dramatic commercial ought to:

As you can see.. its not the most graceful device you’ve ever seen and doesn’t benefit from the same kind of laser guided technology as the Neato Vacuum. In a review by Consumer Reports, it was found to be a little difficult to put together and pull apart. The Grillbot also failed to really get between the grills which you might suppose would be one of the primary reasons for buying it.

Right now, this is a great product theoretically, but it doesn’t quite do the full job which leaves me wondering – is it really worth it? I suppose at $130 USD from the Grillbots Website it might make a nice birthday gift or a present for father, but until they really iron out the kinks, it may be one to skip. Looks like you may have to go ahead and clean up that mess after all.

Grillbot Features

  • Comes in 4 colours
  • Push one button to operate
  • 3 powerful cleaning motors
  • native alarm and timer
  • smarts that regulate speed and direction
  • rechargeable battery