Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto – A Comparison

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto – A Comparison

Since both technology power houses announced their foray into the connected vehicle world, there has been a lot of discussion about what their products might look like. With very few automobile manufacturers releasing connected vehicles, eager enthusiasts have had to wait for a real insight into how the eventual products might function.

Interestingly, Hyundai have gotten ahead of the game, previewing a vehicle that is connected with both Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. This is unusual partly for the fact that most manufacturers will only install one Operating System or the other into their vehicles, but not both.

How Does Android Auto Work?

The video at the bottom of the article shows how the Android Auto system is essentially a reflection of your smartphone. It connects via USB and shows Google Now cards in a familiar format. Seemingly the cards are more related to driving than you would usually expect from your phone. In addition there are some nice safety features.. the car will read messages to you at the touch of a button on your steering wheel, or the touch screen for example. You can then reply to any messages via voice command.

In addition to all these features, you can access the phone and the map as you would expect for calls and navigation respectively. There are integrated services such as Google Play and Spotify for easy access to your music. The availability of 3rd party apps is limited, but growing.

How Does Apple CarPlay Work?

Similarly, you can connect your iPhone to the vehicle via USB to get CarPlay working. The phone screen is replicated on your car media interface and there is access to contacts as one would expect, or there is the option to use Siri as a control. Once again, music and maps provides a familiar experience, projecting all your smartphone features onto the media screen – more evolution than revolution.

As with Android Auto, Siri will take dictations and read back your messages, the difference being an extra safety feature. It actually won’t display any SMS on the screen, ensuring the driver’s full attention to the road. Similarly to the Google product, there is a limited number of 3rd party apps such as spotify available. This is expected to increase as the adoption of Apple CarPlay takes off.

How Do Apple and Android’s Connected Vehicle Solutions Compare?

You can find a complete list of Android Auto manufacturers on the android website and members of the Apple CarPlay iniative on their dedicated website.