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Android and the Smart Home to feature heavily at Google I/O


Android and Internet of Things After apple announced home kit at WWDC 14, it’s now Google’s turn to spruke their wares at Google I/O 2014. Of course it’s Android that’s going to take centre stage. As Domobot speculated last month, Google will look to leverage Android and Nest as a ubiquitous platform to control multiple devices. Android and the Smart ... Read More »

The Kogan Robot Vacuum Cleaner

kogan robot vacuum

Founded in 2006 by Ruslan Kogan, the online gadget store ‘Kogan’ has released its latest invention, a robotic vacuum cleaner. This smart vacuum operates completely autonomously and has three operation modes and intelligent space detection to ensure thorough cleaning. The robotic vacuum has a rubber bumper to ensure it steers away from furniture, and sensors which keep it from falling ... Read More »

Honeywell Lyric to compete with Nest

Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell has launched the Honeywell Lyric, a thermostat that will manage your home temperature based on its built-in intelligence. They’ve put in some smarts and algorithms that should set them aside from the Nest. Honeywell Lyric vs Nest Thermostat Certainly the two look similar and are both designed to act as smart thermostats, but there is a distinct difference in ... Read More »

Fitness Trackers provided by Australian Health Insurance

Fitbit Flex

Australian Health Insurance companies are starting to provide fitness trackers as away to encourage better health. Activity Trackers provided by Medibank Medibank Health Insurance has taken the progressive step of including a Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker with new signups to their Hospital and Extras cover. Prospective customers can sign up before 30/06/14. Its hoped that by encouraging their clients ... Read More »

Home Kit by Apple – WWDC 14 – Internet of Things closer

WWDC2014-577 Homekit slide

Home Kit Today apple announced Home Kit, a common network framework that will control various home automation features. Domobot already speculated how ios8 and the smart home would come together. What is Home Kit? Put simply, Apple will make it far easier for app developers to build applications that will speak to elements of the home and for a user ... Read More »

Home Automation for iOS 8 and WWDC 2014

apple ios 8

It’s being widely speculated that Apple will lead its 2014 WWDC with an announcement about new Home Automation features. Home Automation on iPhone The announcement is still under wraps but what little we do know about the WWDC announcement, leaves more questions than answers. Will iOS 8 control 3rd party hardware as it does currently with Philips Hue? Does that ... Read More »

Nest to integrate with Android in near future

nest android

Its all finally coming together for Google and their home automation play, as details start to emerge about an integration between Android and Nest. Google have started leaking images of their Android wear notifications. Android Wear is the version of Android that will start to pop up on devices beyond the smartphone. Leaked Images The most telling of these leaked ... Read More »