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Affordable Smart Home Lighting With LuMini


If you love colour or love to party, it’s time to check out the recently-released LuMini light bulbs. Produced by TABU Design, a firm in Hong Kong that specialises in playful home-automation accessories, the LuMini provides a cheaper alternative to Philips Hue for tech lovers who want to get started in the smart-home field. The project received more than $75,000 ... Read More »

Windoro is a Window Cleaning Robot


Do you adore your robotic vacuum cleaner, but wish there was a similar product that could take care of the window cleaning too? Well, that time has arrived. The world’s first commercialised window-cleaning robot has been launched by Iishim Global, a company based in South Korea. MyWindoro has been designed to clean windows not only in and around homes, but ... Read More »

Manage your household with OCHO Pad Smart Key Tray

Ocho Pad

If you’re someone who scrambles to find your keys of a morning, or feel anxious about children arriving home safely at night, you’re sure to be impressed by the OCHO Pad Smart Key Tray. The OCHO Pad is a smart key tray that can help keep track of the movement of everyday items. It’s the IFTT (IF This Then That) ... Read More »

Amazon Dash – Automate your Shopping

amazon dash

Amazon Dash is the solution that every lazy or reluctant shopper has been looking for. At domobot we come across all sorts of automation solutions – gadgets that will either ease or optimise regular tasks that can often be inefficient. Amazon Dash potentially gives the greatest return on investment for automating weekly labour! Describing itself as “shopping made simple”, Amazon ... Read More »

Could Plugaway be the smartest power plug ever made?

smartaway plug

Demonstrating that even the humble power plug can receive a ‘smart’ make-over, Beijing-based start-up company, Plugaway, have invented perhaps the smartest power plug ever made. Letting you wirelessly control your all of your existing home automation devices via your smart phone, the Plugaway Wi-Fi connected Smart Plugs and associated LED bulbs are a leap forward in mobile-controlled home automation. How ... Read More »

bttn – Control all your devices with 1 button


Meet bttn. The self-proclaimed “simplest user interface in the world”. You can either push it or not, its that simple. But what does it do? Thats the cool thing – pretty much anything. If this all sounds a little bit vague and fanciful, then allow me to explain. bttn is a wireless switch that sits wherever you want it to. ... Read More »

Flinders University partners with Cisco on ‘Internet of Everything’ vision

ken boal - michael barber

In early July, technology giant, Cisco, announced that South Australia’s Flinders University would become a key partner in developing the company’s ‘Internet of Everything (IOE)’ strategy for their digital health and cyber security sectors. The partnership, which has seen Flinders University invest $14 million into creating a wifi network for their Bedford Park campus, highlights the growing interest around the ... Read More »

SmartThings Does Home Automation Right

smarthings hardware

While the latest home automation systems are capable of altering the very nature of the home, we have in recent years begun to notice a series of compatibility issues arise from the myriad of technologies on offer. With so many different companies selling home-automation devices that are not compatible with each other, users regularly find themselves having to switch through ... Read More »

Reemo – The Wrist Motion Remote

reemo wearable

If pushing buttons is too much effort for you, Playtabase has the perfect solution – Reemo, the wrist motion remote. Seriously though, this is actually pretty cool – if you’ve ever wanted to pretend as though you have jedi powers, the Reemo, “a wrist worn mouse to control your world” is possibly the answer. A wearable device that sits on ... Read More »