Home Automation Gets Creative with the Interactive Cloud Lamp

Home Automation Gets Creative with the Interactive Cloud Lamp

The Cloud lamp and speaker system is a cool new home automation accessory by artist, Richard Clarkson.

Designed to recreate a thunderstorm in your bedroom, the Cloud uses motion sensors, speakers and theatrical colour changing LED lights to build a powerful ambiance of a heavy storm for you to sleep, work or play too. Powered by remote control, this interactive lamp can react to sound, music or movement in the room.

Richard Clarkson’s cloud lamp is more than just decoration, it’s also jam-packed with smart technology including top of the range motion detectors, which can detect a person’s presence and adjust the storms theatrics accordingly.

The cloud also has alternative modes such as a nightlight and music reactive mode and boasts a powerful speaker system, which allows users to stream music via any Bluetooth compatible device.

Blending technology and art

Combining technology, music and art are a growing trend in the home automation space. Just like the Cloud, the Om/One levitating speaker is another example where art and tech are blended beautifully.

Richard Clarkson explains how the Cloud lamp crosses the bridge between technology and aesthetics. “Advances in physical computing and interaction design hardware over recent years have created a new breed of smart objects, which are gaining more and more traction in the design world,” he says. 

It seems the sky is the limit when it comes to new home automation products. The cloud lamp is a clever idea, well executed and beautifully made.

cloud controller

Each Cloud is unique in size and shape, ensuring that when you pay the USD$3,360 price tag you’re getting more than just a gadget, you’re investing in a piece of art. The Cloud is made up from hypoallergenic fibrefill which is adhered to a sponge which houses the speakers and hardware. There is the option of buying the Cloud with a ‘lamp only’ function without the motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity which brings the price down considerably.  

You can purchase the cloud and its accessories from Richard Clarkson’s website: www.richardclarkson.com

For those who want the full effect, Richard Clarkson have also produced ‘satellite’ add-ons, an optional piece of Cloud at USD$120 a pop.

Cloud Lamp Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built in speaker system and lighting effects  
  • Optional satellite add ones for the full sky effect
  • Nightlight  and music reactive mode
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