Lively is Home Automation for the Elderly


Lively is a home automation platform for the elderly. Designed with respect and independence in mind, it is intended to be a system that runs more “passively” than actively. What exactly does that mean? An app for the elderly that isn’t intrusive Lively keeps an eye on your loved one without them having to do anything special. Sensors can be ... Read More »

Niwa – grow a bumper crop with your smartphone

Niwa Automated Irrigation System

European startup company, Niwa, has taken gardening to a whole new level with their their fully-automated hydroponic system that allows even the smallest of dwellings to grow vitamin rich produce through a smartphone app. Its a Smart Garden that lives in your kitchen. Javier Morrillas, founder of Niwa told that the idea for an efficient and easy-to-use hydroponic system ... Read More »

Works With Nest to lead the Home Automation charge for Google

works with nest logo 2

Nest and Home Automation As speculated by Domobot a few weeks ago in our article about Nest, Android and the Smart Home, Google is taking a firm step into the Home Automation world by leveraging their Nest product as a proverbial “Trojan Horse”. Google has launched its “Works with Nest” initiative as a means of connecting multiple other devices in ... Read More »

Netgear STS7000 – Netgear Releases Home Security Tablet

Netgear sts7000 tablet home automation control

Netgear STS7000 and Home Automation Netgear has taken its first major step into the home automation market with the release of the Netgear STS700. Netgear Home Security Tablet Netgear has teamed up with icontrol networks for the tablet which will act as a touchscreen device to control anything that is plugged into the iControl network in your house. The Android ... Read More »

Android and the Smart Home to feature heavily at Google I/O


Android and Internet of Things After apple announced home kit at WWDC 14, it’s now Google’s turn to spruke their wares at Google I/O 2014. Of course it’s Android that’s going to take centre stage. As Domobot speculated last month, Google will look to leverage Android and Nest as a ubiquitous platform to control multiple devices. Android and the Smart ... Read More »

Home Kit by Apple – WWDC 14 – Internet of Things closer

WWDC2014-577 Homekit slide

Home Kit Today apple announced Home Kit, a common network framework that will control various home automation features. Domobot already speculated how ios8 and the smart home would come together. What is Home Kit? Put simply, Apple will make it far easier for app developers to build applications that will speak to elements of the home and for a user ... Read More »